• children pad
  • wide range of handpieces
  • wet or dry suction system
  • multifunctional foot controller
  • automatic desinfection system
  • LCD panel
  • intraoral camera
  • digital x-ray intraoral sensor
  • Dentist chairs
  • amalgam separator "DURR DENTAL"
  • surgical suction
  • upper hoses table
  • curing light
  • scaler
  • electrokauter
  • right folding armrest
  • foot control

Dental units and chairs manufacturer

Slovadent offer the most innovative industry technologies and solutions in dental chairs and delivery system. Improving the performance of the whole dental industry.

At Slovadent we are commited to providing comfort and ergonomy with a high warranty of safety standards in dental units and chairs .

Support - contact us

tel.: + 421 57 7884400
fax.: + 421 57 7884402


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