Dental unit Optimal 06


Technical informations

  • patented antibacterial upholstery of the chair
  • high power big surface 3D tilting white LED light 45 000 lux
  • multistage regulation of light power
  • swivel cuspidor from hardened glass
  • programmable chair with 5 memory positions
  • possible up to 5 instruments on table for doctor
  • increased load of chair up to 200 kg
  • possibility to make treatment small children and also pacient their height is over 200 cm
  • wide range of accessories, other instruments and additional devices
  • possible specific configuration for implantology and surgical treatments

Dental units and chairs manufacturer

Slovadent offer the most innovative industry technologies and solutions in dental chairs and delivery system. Improving the performance of the whole dental industry.

At Slovadent we are commited to providing comfort and ergonomy with a high warranty of safety standards in dental units and chairs .

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